Fr. Morey announced at mass today because of some conflicts in scheduling Fr. Morgan would not be coming to St. Anthony his replacement will be Fr. JohnBosco Duraisamy 


Father JohnBosco Duraisamy, commonly known as Father John is currently on staff at Providence Health as Priest-Chaplain and resident Priest in St. Peter’s Minor Basilica.

Before taking this assignment,he was Administrator at St. Mary’s Church, Youngs Island and Sts. Fredrick and Stephen Church, Edisto Island. Before that, he served at St. Michael’s Parish, Garden city as Parochial Vicar, and before that, he worked at Stella Maris Catholic Church in Sullivan’s Island near Charleston.
Below is his bio taken from the Miscellany when he was assigned to
Providence Hospital.
Fr. John
Below is his bio taken from the Miscellany when he started at Providence Hospital.
“My first entry into this country was in 2003, when I served in Saint Aedan’s Catholic Church, Pearl River, New York, which is twenty miles north of Manhattan, NY.
I was born on August 25, 1960 in the village called Korattampet in the state of Tamil Nadu. This village has a 350 year tradition of Catholic faith, and I was ordained priest in the traditional Church, Our Lady of Mount Carmel in May 1987.
I am one of eleven children born to my parents who were school teachers. My father, who taught in the Catholic Primary School as head teacher, received a state award as the best teacher in 1994. He was also a licensed Homeopathy medical practitioner, although he did not practice medicine as his profession because he was busy farming, teaching, and raising our family. All of my ten siblings are married and I have 24 nieces and nephews. I am the only Priest in the family.
I was named after St. John Bosco, more commonly known as Don Bosco, who was a priest and educator who dedicated his life to disadvantaged youth… a mission that I also embraced.
With a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Personnel and Public Management, I have been the Director of St. Joseph’s Boys Orphanage in Kadapa, India, as well as the Superintendent of Catholic schools in the diocese of Cuddapah, India. Among the many other administrative and Pastoral positions, I was also the coordinator of CFCA (Christian Foundation for Children) sponsorship program. At that time, the diocese was supporting 2,300 high school level children in many different boarding homes in the diocese.
While the term “orphanage” is used, it is not the same type of institution you think of in America. Rather it is a boarding home for the children of the poor and underprivileged that offers food, housing, education and religious formation. The village people there are not aware of the importance of education for their children, and without education, the children then have no other opportunity than to go to work in the same way their parents did. We are changing that. Our boarding homes, which were founded by the Catholic Church in India, help to break the pattern of poverty and ignorance. The children we housed are the first generation from these families to have an education. I gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the people like you who made programs such as this possible in the lives of those children.
It is interesting to note that Christianity took root in India when Thomas the Apostle sailed there in 52 AD., and according to Indian Christian tradition, he evangelized in Tamil Nadu, my home state.
In the diocese of Cuddapah, there are 58 parishes and slightly over 81,000 Catholics. The entire country of India has 17 million Catholics, which is only 2% of its population.
One question is always asked, “What made you to come to this country?” Well the new mission-diocese of Cuddapah has surplus priests and the Bishop needs more money to run the diocese. Every month, I send a part of my salary to my diocese in India towards its maintenance. There is also a need for priests here in the United States. Also, I like working in South Carolina for its weather and the warmth of the people.
It had been my long desire to work in the hospital setting.
I completed the required CPE units with the encouragement and support of Bishop Robert Guglielmone, I am glad now to be part of the team here in this hospital, Making Communities Healthier by Extending Christ’s Healing Ministry.
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School Celebrates Fr. Morey’s Retirement



Today we celebrated Father Morey’s retirement! Grades 4K through 3rd celebrated him with their singing voices. 4th grade listed 10 top things they loved about him. 7th grade made a retirement bucket list for Father. He was present-ed with a prayer book from the 6th grade. 5th grade shouted a cheer and the 8th grade prayed over him. St. Anthony students gave Father many high 5s in a book.

We ended our celebration with a blessing from Father and of course a chocolate chip cookie. Most of all St. Anthony Catholic School says, “We thank you for all you do for our school. We will miss                                                                                you  and love you Father Morey!”

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A Message From Fr. Morey

Dear parishioners,
It has been a joy for me to serve you as Pastor. Thank you for inviting me in- to your lives at the most critical moments; thank you for sharing with me ten years of ordinary moments, as well. Please continue to pray for me as I will for you.
May God bless you and your families.

Together in the Body of Christ,
Fr. Morey

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During the past year with all that has kept us from seeing many of you we realized that the information in our census program was very outdated, especially for those of you that have been in the parish all of your life. With ever changing technology we don’t have emails or cell phones and many landlines have been disconnected. I ask that you take a few minutes to fill out a new form with any new information or if nothing has changed to call the church office at 843-662-5674 or email me at dcoats@charlestondiocese.org.

If you do not have a form click the link below 



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Fr. Morey’s Farewell Rescheduled

 -drawings_csp3545413 (2)


Fr. Morey’s Farewell Drop-In  has been rescheuled  for Saturday, January 9,2021 from 1-3 pm. 



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Father Michael J. McGivney, the new American beatus

Dear Friends,
Like so many parishes, associations, and dioceses throughout
the country, MAGNIFICAT has been honored to collaborate with the Knights of Columbus on numerous projects that have served the Church.
It is, therefore, with great joy that we announce the coming beatification of Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney, the founder of the Knights of Columbus! Father McGivney’s beatification is a cause for rejoicing throughout the world, but especially in the United States as we celebrate Father McGivney’s new title of “Blessed.”
A devoted parish priest of the Archdiocese of Hartford, Father McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus 138 years ago in order to serve the spiritual and material needs of Catholic men and their families.
“Father McGivney was ahead of his time in enhancing the laity’s role in the Church and inspiring the laity to put their faith into action in countless ways,” Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson said. “Today, his spirit continues to shape the extraordinary charitable work of Knights as they continue to serve those on the margins of society as he served widows and orphans in the 1880s.”
We wish to extend to you, our readers, a unique opportunity to celebrate Father McGivney in the coming days. Prepare for the day of beatification by joining the Novena Before the Beatification of Michael McGivney and by reading about Father McGivney’s life and holiness. Then, follow the beatification liturgy online at Aleteia.org and be uplifted by the blessing of a new American beatus!
In Christ, prayer02

fr-mcgivney-prayer-card (2)


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A Letter From the Bishop

In this difficult year, we also face a complex election season. As Catholics, we cannot close our eyes to the difficulties around us. Please read my letter my letter below to the faithful and my accompanying video concerning the upcoming elections:

For more information on the candidates and Catholic teaching on issues of concern, please visit charlestondiocese.org/yourvote

diocesebMy Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This has been a difficult year. We are seven months into a pandemic and are preparing for elections in our country — all this, during one of the toughest times in our nation’s history. However, we must not tire in our call to faithfully participate in civic life. What is important for all of us to recognize, especially as Christians, is that we are not Republicans nor are we Democrats. We are Catholics first and foremost. We are one family in faith, and we have a responsibility to our nation and to our communities to seek the common good of all people. Our responsibility includes voting based on an informed conscience and our moral beliefs. We must research the issues and avoid any tendency towards favoring particular personalities or our own political bias. We must seek answers to sincere matters of policy, and find the truth buried in the daily assault of political rhetoric from every direction. A year ago, my brother bishops and I issued a statement about the 2020 election. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops agreed that abortion was to remain the preeminent moral issue facing our nation. The word “preeminent” was a deliberate choice meant to indicate urgency as we perform our civic duty this November. While the Catholic Church has clear teaching on many important issues, we cannot advocate for important social changes if our nation does not have justice or peace for those in the womb. I urge you, please do not stand idle. Engage in proper research, find out what the candidates stand for, and then vote. Each of us must take this very seriously and cast a ballot. A wellformed conscience in light of the Church’s teaching means we vote not from insecurity or selfishness, but for love of our God, love of our nation, and love for the most vulnerable. God bless you and your families. Let us pray for our nation and seek the intercession of the patroness of South Carolina, Our Lady of Joyful Hope.

In the Lord’s in Peace,

Most Reverend Robert E. Guglielmone

Bishop of Charleston







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Below are  just few pictures of  areas that are in desperate need of repairs on our parish grounds, your generosity will go a long way to have all the maintenance needed to our buildings and grounds. 
roof 2_editedIMG_1437_editedroof pic_editedIMG_1435_editedIMG_1440 (1)_editedIMG_1446_editedIMG_1438 (1)_editedIMG_1445_edited 






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Adult Faith Formation Opportunity

 The Diocese of Charleston has just partnered with the University of Dayton to offer virtual courses for a minimal fee—$40 for seminars and $50 for courses for any interested parishioner  or staff.

Go to https://vlcff.udayton.edu/ and sign up as a student and get a pro-file. Check out the courses. For more information, con-tact Sr. Kathy Adamski, OSF, Associate Director of the Office of Spirituality and Formation for Ministry at 843-261-0498 or kadamski@charlestondiocese.org

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Begins on September 9th with the study by Dr. Edward Sri, No Greater Love: A Biblical Walk Through Christ’s Passion. Meetings will be in the gathering area from
9:30 to 11:30 am. Please contact Rae Anne MalvaGomes at 843-230-3549

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