Letter from the Bishop

The Diocese of Charleston has begun to prepare for our Bicentennial in 2020 when we will honor 200 years of remarkable witness to the Gospel. Bishop Guglielmone is inviting all parishioners to help frame our shared future through a brief online survey. To provide input, go to:

The English survey link – https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CharlestonMAP

The Spanish survey link – https://es.surveymonkey.com/r/EncuestaCharleston

Please complete by June 25th.



Dear Friends in Christ,

Happy Pentecost! This sacred moment in the rhythm of the Church’s life celebrates our shared birthday as a community of faith – as the people of God, and as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is a perfect time to look ahead to a very special moment in the life of our Diocese. We have begun to prepare for our Bicentennial in the year 2020 when we will honor 200 years of remarkable witness to the Gospel.

As much as we look forward to celebrating our incredible history, we also want to look ahead to our shared future. That future belongs to all of us. We are the Church. With that in mind, I invite you to participate in a brief online survey. I want to hear from you regarding what you value most about our Church, what concerns you most, and what you most hope for as you look to the future.

As the Catholic presence throughout our entire state of South Carolina, I know that we are already making a remarkable impact in many, many lives every day. Yet I also know that there are immense social pressures and cultural tensions at work in our world today. The Lord promised that the road for us would involve many challenges and that we would need to be courageous, bold and persevering for the sake of the Kingdom.

Pentecost also welcomes the great power and grace of the Holy Spirit into our midst with renewed focus and fervor. The Holy Spirit gives light to every true hope we can have. The Holy Spirit is the source of our joy, and the master agent of change in each of our hearts and the heart of our entire Church.

As we pray about the possibilities in our future, let us call on the Holy Spirit to come and overshadow us in Love as he did with Mary at the Annunciation. Thank you for being a faithful disciple, servant and pilgrim on the journey of faith that is ours to share with each other and the world.

And thank you for giving us your input by your participation in the survey. Let us hold each other in prayer.

In the Lord’s peace,

Most Reverend Robert E. Guglielmone Bishop of Charleston



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