The next book selection for our Book Club will be

Saint Catherine Laboure 

Meetings are every Tuesday at 9 am in classroom A  family center please call Patti Musto for more information 843-665-0169. We
look forward to beginning this book in mid-May.

A look into this book

Catherine Laboure is the epitome of a person who experienced extraordinary heavenly favors but exhibited such humility that she never allowed herself to be identified as the visionary . She was given the message that the Immaculate Conception has the power to shower God grace to the our aching sorrowful world. She will protect us and guide us to her Son if we ask her. Catherine Laboure faithfully carried out her mission never directing any attention to herself then went back to her life of service to others. The reader journeys with the young Catherine through the death of her mother and the young saint assuming full adult responsibility at age 12 for the household management of a farm. She faithfully assists her brothers business by taking on lowly tasks and finally in the convent she cares for the old men in the hospice. Catherine performed her duties of cooking, cleaning and caring for other with love and attention so as to make an offering to God ;small tasks done with great love. It is within our ability to strive to do the same.

Please call Patti Musto for more information 843-665-0169. 

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