Letter from Fr. Morey

Dear Friends,
I am writing to you today to address how our parish is responding to the COVID-19 situation. First, I want to assure you that you and your loved ones are in my prayers during these uncertain times. I also want you to know that I, as well as the staff here at St. Anthony, are here to support you and provide assistance to you and your loved ones where we can.
Additionally, I want to remind you that our parish relies on your support, both spiritually and financially. While Masses and parish activity have been suspended for the time-being, we are still reliant on your generosity to keep the lights on and keep our parish staffed. This is a very uncertain time for many of us, however if you have the capability to continue your support to our parish, we very much welcome your offerings. Below are options of how to do so during this unprecedented time:
1. Donate online using this link http://osvonlinegiving.com/3101
2. Mailing your envelope/weekly contribution: St. Anthony PO Box 5327 Florence SC 29502
3. Donate at Go Fund Me: using this link gofundme.com/fb/st-anthony-catholic-church
As a reminder, St. Anthony will continue livestreaming our Masses on Facebook Live on Sundays at 11am, please join us and celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord this weekend.




Few of us have experienced a situation such as what is happening with COVID-19 in our lifetime. Scripture reminds us “that all things work for good for those who love God” Romans 8:28. Please do not lose hope. Remember, God is still in control. He is the master, and we must depend on Him, and Him alone.
Please join me in prayer for the repose of those who have died, for the recovery of those who are sick, for the strength of healthcare workers and caregivers and for an end to this health crisis.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Fr. Robert

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