Simply Catholic Vote June 9th

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On Tuesday, June 9, South Carolinians will enter polling stations for primary elections across the state. We will vote for those who may hold political office in our state and Washington, D.C., for the next two years or longer.

As Catholics, we have the benefit of the Church’s Magisterium endowed upon her by Christ, which assists us in understanding the natural, moral law as it relates to specific issues. We have an obligation as Catholics also to be correctly informed and educated by the Church’s teaching so that we may vote with our consciences.

Attached to below is the Simply Catholic voter guide for the faithful in our parishes, schools and ministries. Please remember to vote on Tuesday, June 9, 2020!

Not liberal. Not conservative. Simply Catholic. Catholic citizenship & your vote We have a dual heritage as both faithful Catholics and American citizens. As Catholics, our baptismal commitment to bear public witness to the values of Jesus Christ requires our active participation in the democratic life of our nation. As Americans, we have a serious moral obligation to vote.

This brief insert is intended as a starting point to help us respond to our choices in the current political landscape.20181025_Simply Catholic Voter Guide

 Click here to f ind your local polling station

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