Bicentennial Campaign- St. Anthony Church, Florence, SC

      Dear Friends,   We are deeply thankful to the devoted St. Anthony parishioners who have made a sacrificial commitment to our participation in the Bicentennial Campaign. Each week, we are receiving more pledges and donations to this effort, which will help us address numerous needs around our parish. Please remember that your support in any capacity pushes us further along and increases our participation rate.   After a year of not being able to fully gather together, we are praying this campaign instills a strong sense of community as we work to raise the funds that will strengthen St. Anthony by improving our church’s amenities, our parking lot, campus security, and other aspects of our facilities. Recent times have not been easy for many of parishioners, so please know there is no judgment or expectation regarding your level of commitment. We are simply praying that we are able to provide a renewed St. Anthony Church, both physically and spiritually, as we enter a new era of our parish.   To make your pledge or donation to our effort, please complete and return the pledge card that has been provided to all parishioners through the mail, or simply click here to make your commitment online. If you never received a pledge card or need a replacement, extras can be picked up in our parish office!   This effort will be an overwhelming success if we’re able to surpass 50% participation from our parish family!   Thank you for your consideration, and God Bless!    
What We’re Hoping to Address…   With our share of Bicentennial Campaign funds, we plan on addressing the following needs that will improve our parish, school, and campus:  
+Upgrading the lightings and switch controls in the church;
+Upgrading the AC units and programable controls in the church
+Painting and repair of the leak in the church
+Installation of an energy efficient window in the rectory to reduce the running cost +Upgrading lighting and security across the campus
+Clear the roots of the trees that affect the foundation of the Church building
+A shrine for St. Joseph on the west side of the church
+Parking-lot upkeep with a coat of Asphalt and new markings for parking spaces  

and many more to make this place of worship more welcoming and homely.
    Current Progress   Our Current Total: $191,306 raised through five-year pledges and one-time gifts   Current Participation Rate: 20%   Thank You to Our Donors!     All funds raised through the Bicentennial Campaign will be kept in a separate, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization called the Catholic Community Foundation of South CarolinaNo funds will be kept by the Diocese of Charleston and will only be used for their intended purpose.  
To view the Board of lay people who will oversee the Foundation, please click here.
For More Information:
VIDEO: The Bicentennial Campaign
St. Anthony Campaign Overview
How Will the Funds Raised Through the Bicentennial Campaign Be Managed? Frequently Asked Questions    

Thank You for Your Consideration!   If you have any questions about the Bicentennial Campaign at St. Anthony, please reach out to our parish office at (843) 662-5674 and we will assist you!  Many thanks and appreciation to Kevin Casper and Mike Tange for their leadership in this Campaign in this parish. Thank you!      
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