Letter From Fr. Morey

Dear Friends in Christ, 

Each Easter I write you to solicit your financial assistance to support the mission and ministries of St. Anthony Catholic Church.  This year, I must do so with a sense of urgency, due to the perceived pandemic, while recognizing that the present crisis has led to uncertain finances for many of you. 

Lent this year has been called “40 days of Holy Saturdays” because of the painful sense of loss that many feel because the usual activities of our parish, especially the sacraments, especially the Mass, have been forbidden to them.  We clergy feel that pain deeply ourselves, and we try to improvise ways to make spiritual nourishment available to our flocks as well as we can. 

Our Savior’s life, ministry, Passion and Death show us that every adversity, no matter how dark and challenging, is an opportunity to “step up” and behave like Catholic Christians!  So many among us have volunteered to help with stuffing envelopes, phone trees to keep up with our people, technical expertise to livestream Sunday Masses, and much more.  Many are taking advantage of the opportunity to commune individually with Our Lord in the Church (open 7 am to 6 pm every weekday), and, as is most important, storming Heaven with prayers for an end to the crisis, and a return to Christian order. 

Stewardship of our parish is another, urgent duty for all who love her.  The crisis for St. Anthony’s is a crisis of revenue, of the ability to meet insurance and utilities costs, costs of operations and supplies, and payroll.  The monies raised in our Capital Campaign are “designated” funds that cannot be used for these purposes.  So far, we are nowhere near meeting our average monthly expenses of $55,000, since the virus-crisis began.  Jesus Christ’s Death and Resurrection was not for Himself, but for us, so that we could follow Him in sacrifice, and in the Heavenly goodness that comes with it.  Won’t you please make a special effort this Easter to help your parish preserve her legacy of faith, and keep God’s grace as available as possible in these difficult times?  God’s blessings upon you and yours in this holy season! 

In Christ, 

Fr. Robert E. Morey, Pastor

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Instructions For Online Giving


    A Secure & Convenient Way to Contribute to Your Parish

    How Do I Get Started?

1. Create A New Account 

Go to the http://osvonlinegiving.com/3101   and click Create New Account.

2. Enter Your Account Information

Login Information
The User ID must be 6-12 characters and contain both letters and numbers (such as smith78). The password you choose must be 8-16 characters and contain letters, numbers and at least one symbol such as !, @, & or *. Do not enter information for the Registration Code as that is for account administrators only.

Personal & Address Information
The e-mail address must be unique. You cannot use the same e-mail address for two different User IDs. Be sure to enter information in all boxes marked with a red asterisk (*).

Security Code
Fill in the code that is generated in the box at the bottom of your screen before clicking submit.

Click the Submit button
An e-mail will be sent to you confirming your new account and User ID.

3. Confirm Your New Account

Open the email that confirms your account and click on the link at the top of the e-mail. This will confirm your account so that you have access to log in. If the link does not work, copy and paste it into the browser’s address bar.

Once you click on this link, you will be taken back to the Parish Online Giving login page.

4. Log In To Your Account

Enter your User ID and Password in the Existing User Login section and continue setting up your account.

You will need to enter information for the bank account you wish to use for your donations. Once that information is entered, you can then set up donations for the Sunday Collection and the other funds listed on the site.

Online donations may be made at any time from the comfort of your own home or any place with internet access. Online donations are credited to your tax statement for the end of the year (except when made anonymously), and you can change your account preferences and donation amounts at any time. Benefits of Online Giving include:

  • No need to hassle with checks or cash
  • 24/7 web based access
  • Easily schedule recurring donations to coincide with your pay period
  • Credit card option allows you to take advantage of rewards such as air miles or cash bonuses
  • No need to share bank account information because you enter it directly into the Online Giving secure site
  • Allows you to give even if you are unable to attend parish services
  • Contribution amount is easily adjusted as needed
  • Option to remain anonymous




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Diocese of Charleston Livestream Schedule of Daily Mass, Rosary, Sunday Mass

dioceseb The Diocese of Charleston will begin livestreaming from the Chapel of the Holy Family tomorrow, March 20. Seminarians who are now in Charleston will participate in the liturgies. The schedule of daily and weekend Masses, and other devotions, is as follows: On Facebook: facebook.com/DioceseChas

  • Daily Mass, Monday through Saturday at 8:30 a.m.
  • Stations of the Cross, Fridays at 3 p.m.

On YouTube: youtube.com/DioceseChas

  • Sunday Mass with Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone at 11 a.m. (English)
  • Misa en español los domingos a la 12:30 p.m. (Mass in Spanish)

Bishop Guglielmone has granted permission for Father Gustavo Corredor to celebrate a private Mass in Spanish and broadcast it through the diocesan radio station, Revive.fm. Please send this information to the Spanish-speaking faithful of your parish via your social media platforms, emails and apps so we may be sure we are providing Mass resources for all of our Catholic families: Spanish Mass online, Sundays at 11 a.m. at radiorevive.com.

El Obispo Guglielmone ha otorgado permiso al Padre Gustavo Corredor para celebrar una Misa privada en español y transmitirla a través de la estación de radio diocesana, Revive.fm. Envíe esta información a los fieles hispanohablantes de su parroquia a través de sus plataformas de redes sociales y correos electrónicos, para que podamos estar seguros de que estamos proporcionando recursos de misa para todas nuestras familias católicas: Misa dominical en español en línea a las 11 a.m. en radiorevive.com

Additional information on livestreams and online devotions from our parishes is available on the diocesan website, charlestondiocese.org/covid-19-response.


May God bless and keep you.

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Bulletin for March 29,2020


Below is a link to the latest bulletin, although it will not be published please read to find out what is going on within the parish

March 29, 2020 bulletin

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Daily Digital Newsletter

.Our Sunday Visitor is sending out a daily newsletter to help Catholics  
to help Catholics keep the Faith during this time of coronavirus. While parishes may be physically apart during this time, we want Catholics to be assured we are all in this together. 
This newsletter can be used as another resource to for our parishioners.
Just clink on the link below fill out your first name and email and your will receive this newsletter at no cost to you.
And use this link: https://reply.osv.com/covid-19
(Unless parishioners sign up during the preview period, they won’t receive any
future emails.)
What if this is the evangelizing moment parishes have been waiting for? I am not implying that God sent this virus to renew our Catholic parishes. That’s nonsense.
What I do mean is that we have long wanted our parishes to grow stronger in community. We have wanted to reach out to those on the margins. We have wanted to build cultures of belonging, where both the faithful and the drifting can find personal relationships and companionship. And here is our opportunity. Now. Right now.
Until everyone can meet again in our parishes for Sunday Mass, this is a concrete and personal way to become the communion we need.


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Church Office

The church office will be open a limited number of hours in the mornings, please leave a voicemail and someone will get back with you ASAP. 

All Masses and Events are cancelled. There will be no CCD or Fish Fry’s please read the letter from the Bishop below to see the cancellations

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Letter from the Bishop Regarding COVID-19



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
The COVID-19 coronavirus continues to spread throughout the United States, and we must take care to protect ourselves and those who are most vulnerable. The Center of Disease Control and various government entities have issued directives to limit the number of people who can gather in one place. As a result of these recommendations, and in collaboration with other dioceses in our province, there are to be no sacramental or other liturgical celebrations anywhere in the Diocese of Charleston effective at 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17 through the end of day on Wednesday, April 1, 2020.
This directive means there are to be no Masses in the Diocese during this time; therefore, I am granting dispensation for your Sunday Mass obligation for the weekends of March 21-22 and March 27-28. Additionally, all scheduled Confessions are cancelled. Any baptisms planned in the next sixteen days should be rescheduled. All quinceañeras must be canceled or rescheduled. Confirmations will be rescheduled according to each parish’s calendar. Funerals and weddings may occur but will be celebrated privately with just the immediate family present. Unfortunately, perpetual adoration will have to be temporarily discontinued. There will be no regularly scheduled parish activities until further notice. All scheduled penance services are cancelled, and there will be no Communion calls at hospitals, nursing homes, or private homes until further notice.
The sole exception to this policy is the celebration of the final sacraments for those in danger of death. If you need a priest for the Anointing of the Sick or Last Rites, your pastor will provide a number you can call.
Parish churches will remain open during their normal hours so that you can come to pray. Parish offices will remain open at the discretion of the pastor.
The College of Consultors and I will meet again on Monday, March 30, to decide how we will proceed, including whether we will have public or limited Holy Week services. In the meantime, we will update you on our response to this ever-changing health crisis on The Catholic Miscellany and diocesan websites, and on our various social media pages. These may seem like drastic measures; however, we must put public safety first. We are dealing with a deadly virus.
In the coming weeks, I encourage you to pray. Watch Mass on your computer or on your television. Gather your family and pray together. We are still on this sacrificial journey of Lent. We must mark these turbulent times with prayer asking for the Lord’s boundless mercy as well as showing His love through kindness and care for our neighbors.


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Action Call to Save the Unborn!




The SC Fetal Heartbeat Protection from Abortion Act bill is pending in the SC Senate. This bill prohibits an abortion being performed once a fetal heartbeat is detected. It passed the SC House of Representatives, and sub- and full committees in the Senate last year. This year, the bill is waiting for a vote on the S.C. Senate floor. Grass-roots advocacy is the most effective way for us to ensure life-protecting laws are passed in South Carolina. This is not a political fight: it is a spiritual, moral and humanitarian issue. Please visit this website for easy and direct access your state senators: https://charlestondiocese.org/south-carolinacatholic-conference/take-action/. We must be a voice for the unborn children who have been conceived with their own soul and are made in the image and likeness of God.

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Don’t miss the fellowship that happens over a nice hot breakfast!
Sunday, March 8th at 10 am in the family center Donations appreciated

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Our school will be celebrating 65 years of Catholic Education in Florence, SC next year (2021) and we would like to celebrate with you!  We are in the process of updating our database and want to ensure that our information is current for all prior students. 

Please help us inform you of upcoming events and activities with confidence by completing the information requested below.   Thank you for your cooperation!


Full Name _______________________________   Class of _____ Phone # 

Address _____________________________________________            Email_______________________

Interested in helping locate other SACS alumni? _____________________


Return completed forms to: St Anthony Catholic School 2536 Hoffmeyer Rd  Florence, SC 29501  or place in the collection basket you can also submit online following the link below 



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