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.Our Sunday Visitor is sending out a daily newsletter to help Catholics  
to help Catholics keep the Faith during this time of coronavirus. While parishes may be physically apart during this time, we want Catholics to be assured we are all in this together. 
This newsletter can be used as another resource to for our parishioners.
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What if this is the evangelizing moment parishes have been waiting for? I am not implying that God sent this virus to renew our Catholic parishes. That’s nonsense.
What I do mean is that we have long wanted our parishes to grow stronger in community. We have wanted to reach out to those on the margins. We have wanted to build cultures of belonging, where both the faithful and the drifting can find personal relationships and companionship. And here is our opportunity. Now. Right now.
Until everyone can meet again in our parishes for Sunday Mass, this is a concrete and personal way to become the communion we need.


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