Letter From Fr. Morey

Dear Friends in Christ, 

Each Easter I write you to solicit your financial assistance to support the mission and ministries of St. Anthony Catholic Church.  This year, I must do so with a sense of urgency, due to the perceived pandemic, while recognizing that the present crisis has led to uncertain finances for many of you. 

Lent this year has been called “40 days of Holy Saturdays” because of the painful sense of loss that many feel because the usual activities of our parish, especially the sacraments, especially the Mass, have been forbidden to them.  We clergy feel that pain deeply ourselves, and we try to improvise ways to make spiritual nourishment available to our flocks as well as we can. 

Our Savior’s life, ministry, Passion and Death show us that every adversity, no matter how dark and challenging, is an opportunity to “step up” and behave like Catholic Christians!  So many among us have volunteered to help with stuffing envelopes, phone trees to keep up with our people, technical expertise to livestream Sunday Masses, and much more.  Many are taking advantage of the opportunity to commune individually with Our Lord in the Church (open 7 am to 6 pm every weekday), and, as is most important, storming Heaven with prayers for an end to the crisis, and a return to Christian order. 

Stewardship of our parish is another, urgent duty for all who love her.  The crisis for St. Anthony’s is a crisis of revenue, of the ability to meet insurance and utilities costs, costs of operations and supplies, and payroll.  The monies raised in our Capital Campaign are “designated” funds that cannot be used for these purposes.  So far, we are nowhere near meeting our average monthly expenses of $55,000, since the virus-crisis began.  Jesus Christ’s Death and Resurrection was not for Himself, but for us, so that we could follow Him in sacrifice, and in the Heavenly goodness that comes with it.  Won’t you please make a special effort this Easter to help your parish preserve her legacy of faith, and keep God’s grace as available as possible in these difficult times?  God’s blessings upon you and yours in this holy season! 

In Christ, 

Fr. Robert E. Morey, Pastor

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