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My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, it has taken a toll on us all. From job loss to being isolated at home, the people of our diocese, indeed our state, have endured a difficult period of uncertainty. The unspoken toll it has taken has been on mental health. The pandemic has increased stress and anxiety in many people, and there are limited ways to deal with these issues productively and professionally. 

Catholic Charities of South Carolina is providing an innovative, technological platform called Sister Hope to help the faithful, or anyone experiencing mild stress and anxiety, to receive professional assistance and practical suggestions. This is not formal counseling, but an opportunity to receive support, encouragement, and good mental health practices.  

Sister Hope is a text-based chatbot that provides on-demand emotional and spiritual support to help manage stress. It is not an app, but simply a phone number anyone can text or message. Built by experienced pastoral ministry professionals and clinical psychologists, Sister Hope accompanies people on their mental health journey by having text message conversations similar to texting with a close friend or family. 

Sister Hope has been proven to help people get back on their feet in as little as two weeks. It was found to reduce depression by 28% and anxiety and stress by 18%. Supportive, spiritual conversations with Sister Hope are unlimited, on-demand, available 24/7, and completely anonymous. 

Sister Hope is free and accessible to anyone who can text. Catholic Charities is providing this service as a way to continue delivering quality assistance to those in need. I encourage you to support this effort in your parishes as an additional way to reach out during this difficult time and assist our families in faith.

To get started, text Sister Hope now at +1 315-276-3157, or visit

In the Lord’s peace, 

Most Reverend Robert E. Guglielmone, Bishop of Charleston

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